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Spine and Pain Management Treatment

Spinal anatomy is an exceptional combination of strong bones, large muscles and highly sensitive nerves, flexible ligaments, and tendons. It is designed to be incredibly strong and protecting the highly sensitive nerve roots with high flexibility that provides mobility on many different planes. Today, people are facing so many acute and chronic spine problems due to multiple reasons such as lifestyle, bad habits and so on.

We here, at Orlin Clinic, provides you a customized spine and pain management treatment plan to relieve pain, diagnose symptoms and improve its daily functioning and health. Our advanced and scientific approach caters to the needs of patients by researching and practicing treatments for the diagnosis and management of spinal problems, chronic pain, and other painful disorders.

Dr. Rajat Gupta is a super-specialist in pain management trained in Canada. He has been researching and practicing treatment for years to enrich the field of interventional spine and pain care. He has deep knowledge and his skills speak for it. He is an interventional pain specialist, who has especially been trained in pain medicine that involves different kinds of blocks, radio-frequency ablation and neurolysis techniques with the skills of an anesthesiologist.

We, our pain super-specialist( Dr. Rajat Sharma) and his team, bring remarkable and long-lasting relief to manage pain in an effective way for the patient with international standards. Also, our primary focus is to give complete comprehensive pain care that originated from the spine and various musculoskeletal sources.

Our unique approach to care matches you with the most appropriate treatment plan as variety of conditions are treated at Interventional Pain Specialists such as spinal injuries, spinal stenosis, hip joint arthritis, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, failed back surgeries, complex regional pain syndromes, degenerative disc disease or herniated discs, radiculopathy, facet joint arthritis, epidural scar lysis, and compression fractures.

We give cutting-Edge and Minimally-Invasive Care for Spinal and Chronic Pain with the best suitable treatments for the patient as we offer the most advanced, evidence-based medical practices combined with traditional, effective and supportive health services.

Our spine and pain management treatment include –

Acupuncture. Counseling with our pain psychologists. Interventional pain techniques. Implantable devices, education, physical medicine. Rehabilitation. Spine surgery and medications.

We provide a full range of medical and surgical solutions for patients with back and neck conditions or chronic pain with our team of experts through advanced treatment and rehabilitation─all in one convenient location.

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